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Transforming organisations where performance counts & people matter








workplace Communications & conflict management 


Keynote SPEAKer

There’s no place like the tough, demanding world of the Arctic Circle’s Inuit communities for field-testing your theories about leadership, teamwork and communication. Jeremy spent two years in the Arctic, learning the powerful lessons that shaped his unique approach to organisational innovation, creativity and change.

Jeremy shares the hard-earned knowledge he has acquired in the Arctic and other extreme work environments in presentations that are entertaining, insightful and inspirational. 

  • Keynote presentations 
  • Workshop facilitation 


Jeremy has lived and worked in fifteen countries and in some of the most demanding, challenging environments in the world. He has learned that the quality of your organisation is only as good as the quality of the communication among your staff and clients.

Jeremy is passionate about working with organisations to fine-tune staff dynamics and heighten individual and collective performance. 

  • Communication skills 
  • Leadership training 
  • Team dynamics 
  • Resilience 
  • Performance management
  • Skills for dealing with difficult people


Coping with conflict is one of the biggest challenges facing any organisation. Jeremy's background in working with diverse people in difficult situations has given him powerful insights into preventing and resolving conflict.

His methods provide concrete, real-world solutions for resolving conflict in the workplace. Jeremy’s unique experiences in a wide range of industries—including settings where conflict is common—enable him to offer truly effective answers for preventing and resolving disputes.  

  •  Conflict mediation 
  • Conflict management training 
  •  Restorative Practice 
  • Workplace investigations 


Jeremy provides an eclectic assortment of seminars and events open to the general public. See below for a section of up and coming events, or visit the events page.





Leadership - Teamwork - Communication




Leadership - Teamwork - Communication




Examples of Jeremy's Keynote presentations & workshops 

Team performance   

Too often, Managers and employees see the world through a 'glass half empty' attitude. 

Jeremy's real life experience and stories inspire people to re-examine their views in relation to their approach within an organisation, and to be more creative and resourceful. 


Working across multiple sectors, ranging from low budget projects amidst human suffering to well-resourced corporations, Jeremy noticed an interesting theme when it came to workplace stress: it had very little to do with the context, and everything to with the attitudes of leaders and staff. 

Jeremy has well-proven methods for improving resilience among employees that not only reduce stress, but improve team relationships and even prevent disease. 


Working in some of the most challenging environments with limited resources, Jeremy learned important lessons in regards to leadership and team performance. 

Jeremy is an expert in regards to re-thinking how we lead in any circumstance, and how to inspire people to be their individual and collective best. 


Conflict in the workplace is common. But what seems to be equally common is a lack of effective skills that are necessary to prevent and resolve conflict in the workplace. 

Jeremy's experience across multiple sectors in 15 different countries gave him excellent insights into how to deal with challenging people, and which communication techniques should be applied in difficult conversations. 


Jeremy's experience with confronting situations taught him the necessary communication skills to deal with the most challenging of people. 

His amazing stories and methods help participants understand the importance of effective communication in the workplace, and how to influence the right people at the right time. 




Here's what past participants have said about Jeremy's talks

As a Manager of 12 years, I found Jeremy’s stories and teachings inspiring. You provided us with the tools to build upon our foundations for dealing with complex issues, and communicating effectively as Managers, leaders and staff. The approach was brilliant! The skills we learnt to help with day-to-day stress, self-awareness and personal confidence will not only benefit our workplace, but also our personal life. Thank you so much!
— Manager, Alfred Hospital

"I have really enjoyed this 2-day conference. It has validated some skills I already use within the workplace and I have learnt a lot of new skills that I can take back to my workplace, to help me with day-to-day issues, stress, self-awareness and confidence. Thank you so much." 

“Great speaker, very knowledgeable. Enjoyed the discussions generated. Great skills learnt for future complex discussions.”

“Jeremy was an excellent presenter and I enjoyed his life experiences and his examples to explain things.”

“I really enjoyed the two days and found the content interesting and thought-provoking. I know that it will impact the way I live my life in the future!!”



"It has been a fantastic 2 days. I have learnt a lot about myself and have taken away skills I can use at work and in my home."

“Up until lunch on the first day I was thinking ‘this is interesting but irrelevant’. By the end of the first day, I was thinking ‘A-HA!!!!’ Thank you – Excellent seminar.”

“Amazing program! Not what I expected, but has changed the way I think about some things and re-enforced that some of what I do is correct.”

“Fantastic event. So many tools to take home to improve my approach. Amazed it took this many (54) years to understand human behaviour!!! Thank you so much.”

"Thank you for an excellent 2 days. I look forward to using the skills I have learnt. I feel empowered."

“I loved this seminar. I got so much out of Jeremy’s knowledge he imparted. It will not only help me personally but I believe it will help me in my everyday life with family and relationships. Thank you Jeremy!"

“The course content was fantastic!! It was something that I was looking for and had not been able to find in the past. The things I have learned will help me greatly in my practice as a Manager and also in my personal life! Thank you, Jeremy!”

“This event was both informative and interesting. Jeremy kept my attention and engaged the participants well. Would definitely attend further education on this topic by Jeremy.”