Here's what past participants have said about Jeremy's talks

As a Manager of 12 years, I found Jeremy’s stories and teachings inspiring. You provided us with the tools to build upon our foundations for dealing with complex issues, and communicating effectively as Managers, leaders and staff. The approach was brilliant! The skills we learnt to help with day-to-day stress, self-awareness and personal confidence will not only benefit our workplace, but also our personal life. Thank you so much!
— Manager, Alfred Hospital

"I have really enjoyed this 2-day conference. It has validated some skills I already use within the workplace and I have learnt a lot of new skills that I can take back to my workplace, to help me with day-to-day issues, stress, self-awareness and confidence. Thank you so much." 

“Great speaker, very knowledgeable. Enjoyed the discussions generated. Great skills learnt for future complex discussions.”

“Jeremy was an excellent presenter and I enjoyed his life experiences and his examples to explain things.”

“I really enjoyed the two days and found the content interesting and thought-provoking. I know that it will impact the way I live my life in the future!!”



"It has been a fantastic 2 days. I have learnt a lot about myself and have taken away skills I can use at work and in my home."

“Up until lunch on the first day I was thinking ‘this is interesting but irrelevant’. By the end of the first day, I was thinking ‘A-HA!!!!’ Thank you – Excellent seminar.”

“Amazing program! Not what I expected, but has changed the way I think about some things and re-enforced that some of what I do is correct.”

“Fantastic event. So many tools to take home to improve my approach. Amazed it took this many (54) years to understand human behaviour!!! Thank you so much.”

"Thank you for an excellent 2 days. I look forward to using the skills I have learnt. I feel empowered."

“I loved this seminar. I got so much out of Jeremy’s knowledge he imparted. It will not only help me personally but I believe it will help me in my everyday life with family and relationships. Thank you Jeremy!"

“The course content was fantastic!! It was something that I was looking for and had not been able to find in the past. The things I have learned will help me greatly in my practice as a Manager and also in my personal life! Thank you, Jeremy!”

“This event was both informative and interesting. Jeremy kept my attention and engaged the participants well. Would definitely attend further education on this topic by Jeremy.”