The medical team aboard an iceberg off Baffin Island - Arctic region 

As a Manager of 12 years, I found Jeremy’s stories and teachings inspiring. You provided us with the tools to build upon our foundations for dealing with complex issues, and communicating effectively as managers, leaders and staff. The approach was brilliant! The skills we learned to help with day-to-day stress, self-awareness and personal confidence will not only benefit our workplace, but also our personal life. Thank you so much!
— Manager, Alfred Hospital

Jeremy Limpens has spent close to twenty years working in health care as a senior manager, emergency and remote area nurse specialist, and paramedic across fifteen countries.

In addition to working in some of the world’s busiest emergency departments and intensive care units, he worked in various remote and isolated settings around the world. This included two years in the Arctic Circle, one year aboard merchant ships, and 'time' in maximum-security prisons. He also worked as the health, safety and security manager for an international aid organisation, in the Australian outback and Northern Canada, and as a university lecturer in health science.

Regardless of the location, Jeremy noticed the same pattern of conflict, frustration and stress among staff and managers.  He also noticed an inability to challenge the status quo, and managers that didn't have the skill nor courage to do something different to improve workplace culture. With his extensive experience, along with his postgraduate studies in health sciences, business and organisational behaviour, conflict management and restorative practice, Jeremy is dedicated to improving leadership, communication and unhealthy conflict within organisations. 

Jeremy’s Credentials

  • Griffith University, School of Health Sciences – Bachelor of Health Science (Registered Nurse)
  • Griffith University, School of Medicine and Health Sciences – Masters in Health Science  
  • Deakin University, Faculty of Business – Post Graduate Studies in Organisational Behaviour and Business
  • Monash University, School of Medicine – Stress Management and Mindfulness
  • La Trobe University, School of Law – Conflict Resolution
  • The Gawler Foundation – Mindfulness Meditation Training for Health Practitioners
  • The Gawler Foundation – Meditation Teacher Training 

Examples of speaking engagements 

TEDx St Kilda

The Courage To Say Sorry In Health Care 

Boston Consulting  

Narrative Power - The Power Imbalance In The Health Care Sector

Ausmed Conference 

Leadership in Health Care - Keynote Speaker 

Global Business Travel Association

Annual Conference - Staff Health & Safety During International Travel

International Society of Travel Medicine

Annual Conference - Health, Safety & Security in Corporate Travel 

Ausmed Education 

2-Day Workshop - Managing Conflict In The Workplace  

Bayer CropScience 

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Workshop 

ABC Radio

Reducing Violence In Hospital Emergency Departments  

Restorative Practice International Conference

Reducing Conflict In The Workplace 

Mandela Foundation

Aid Conference -  Health & Safety For Aid Workers 

Ausmed Conference

2-Day Workshop - Management & Leadership for Middle Management in Health Care 

RedR Australia

Stress Management In International Aid & Development 

A sample of Jeremy's speaking engagements 

Jeremy has spent his career working as a senior manager, critical care nurse and flight paramedic. He has worked in emergency wards of city hospitals, remote Australian desert communities and flown patients in and out of freezing towns along the arctic circle. In Jeremy's TEDx talk, he talks about the use of 'Restorative Practices' when patients and families are dissatisfied with the quality of health care.