Examples of Jeremy's Keynote presentations & workshops 

Team performance   

Too often, Managers and employees see the world through a 'glass half empty' attitude. 

Jeremy's real life experience and stories inspire people to re-examine their views in relation to their approach within an organisation, and to be more creative and resourceful. 


Working across multiple sectors, ranging from low budget projects amidst human suffering to well-resourced corporations, Jeremy noticed an interesting theme when it came to workplace stress: it had very little to do with the context, and everything to with the attitudes of leaders and staff. 

Jeremy has well-proven methods for improving resilience among employees that not only reduce stress, but improve team relationships and even prevent disease. 


Working in some of the most challenging environments with limited resources, Jeremy learned important lessons in regards to leadership and team performance. 

Jeremy is an expert in regards to re-thinking how we lead in any circumstance, and how to inspire people to be their individual and collective best. 


Conflict in the workplace is common. But what seems to be equally common is a lack of effective skills that are necessary to prevent and resolve conflict in the workplace. 

Jeremy's experience across multiple sectors in 15 different countries gave him excellent insights into how to deal with challenging people, and which communication techniques should be applied in difficult conversations. 


Jeremy's experience with confronting situations taught him the necessary communication skills to deal with the most challenging of people. 

His amazing stories and methods help participants understand the importance of effective communication in the workplace, and how to influence the right people at the right time.