Jeremy Limpens 

Speaker  - Trainer - Consultant   


Jeremy provides engaging and though provoking keynote presentations and seminars.

His stories and valuable lessons come from having lived and worked in some of the most extreme and unconventional places in the world.  

 Inuit community in the Arctic Circle

Managing the health & safety of aid workers in conflict zones  

Providing health care to those serving life in prison

Retrieving the sick and injured via air ambulances

Managing health clinics aboard merchant ships




Workplace Leadership

Team Dynamics


Health & Safety


Recent TED talk



Jeremy provides engaging presentations that draws from amazing stories while working in health care, aviation, shipping, aid sector, prisons, remote communities, insurance companies, that span across 15 different countries. His stories serve to highlight important lessons relating to organizational innovation, creativity and change. 

  •  Keynote presentations 
  • Workshop facilitation 





Jeremy provides a range of seminars and events open to the general public. See below for a section of up and coming events, or visit the events page. 





Jeremy has lived and worked in some of the most challenging environments across 15 different countries. He has come to realize that the quality of a organisation is only as good as the quality of communication amongst staff and clients. He’s now passionate about working with organisations to improve staff dynamics, and individual and collective performance. 

  • Communication skills 
  • Leadership training 
  • Team Dynamics 
  •  Performance management
  • Skills for dealing with difficult peopl 



Jeremy's background in working with people in difficult situations has given him a wealth of experience in preventing and resolving conflict. His methods for resolving conflict in the work place are tried and tested, and guaranteed to work. With experience in a range of industries, including setting where conflict is common, there are effective approaches to prevent and resolve conflict. 

  •  Conflict mediation
  • Conflict management training
  •  Restorative Practice 
  • Work place investigations